Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Fucked communication industry jobs #1 – Ad/media sales

First, to any ad sales people who in the unlikely event read this post and complain by way of an anonymous comment, know this; I really couldn’t care less if I’ve offended you. Second, don’t bother suggesting you’ve been unfairly singled out - I’ll slander other shit jobs in future posts.

Moving on then, so why is advertising sales such a shit job and why are the people who perform this function generally wankers? Well, I’m glad I asked me, let me tell you…

1. Selling ad space is like selling cars. Day in day out you’re spruiking your wares to a cynical audience who think your full of shit.

2. Deeper than deep throat. No matter how many times you’re rejected, ignored and told to fuck off, as soon as you’ve got a new offer you come trotting back, unashamedly, and suck cock yet again…only to be slapped like the poodle-bitch you are. But you like that, don’t you?

Now it gets more personal…

3. All too often ad sales people try to pass themselves off as someone who works agency side – because secretly they wish they did. At both social and industry occasions I’ve heard people respond to a question about their vocation with “I work in advertising”. Wrong, you work in flogging media space, like real estate. Now go and tell the retail assistant you’re trying to pick up that you don’t come up with ‘wacky’ creative concepts each day (in between snorting lines of coke, and lazing on leather sofas) but instead perform a role no more glamorous than telemarketing.

4. I said this before, and I’ll say it again. Ad sales people are downright lazy when it comes to researching a clients needs, or producing a powerpoint prop. I’ve seen so many recycled powerpoint presentations where the ad sales sloth has replaced Brand X with Brand Y in all but 2 or three places. Quite embarrassing for them during the presentation. I’ve even been lucky enough to speak to a rep who did no research on our client, and as a result, tried to flog a package that would see an industrial refrigeration company (that manufactures products to suit abattoirs) advertising in an up-market home living magazine. Click here for the full post

When I think of ad sales people, I truly appreciate the effort media buyers put in…afterall, they have to deal with these schmucks on an hourly basis. So, here’s to you, Media Buyer, may the force be with you.

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