Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Media Reps

Being a quiet day in the Agency, when the receptionist buzzed to cautiously enquire as to my interest in speaking with a new media rep I thought, "Why not? Could be good for a laugh". Some friendly banter, followed by the usual fire of questions about client lists etc, and then the inevitable pitch.

While it's generally accepted that media reps exhibit a less than satisfactory understanding of consumer behavior (just sit through a cut and paste PP prop for confirmation of this), what's more, they all too frequently - and embarrassingly for them - prove they have not taken the time to perform even the most rudimentary research on your client's business. Today was one such example...

ME (Superior tone): "Thanks for calling to introduce yourself Natalie, though I must say I fail to see the 'brand synergy' - as you've put it several times in our discussion - between our client's refrigeration business and your residential living magazine."

NATALIE (Curt): "Well it's a natural fit - all homes need refrigeration"

ME (Flippant): "Indeed they do Natalie, no longer a modern luxury some would say"

NATALIE (Indignant): "That's right, and our magazine provides an avenue for (company name removed) to talk directly to their target market. That's what I mean by a natural synergy for the brand."

ME (Condescending): "Right, well let me put it this way. I've never asked, say, my mum if she's interested in acquiring industrial refrigeration products, but I'm pretty confident she's not in the market for them. You see I'm not sure that a product designed to provide our friends at the local abattoir, for example, with the cooling capacity required to ensure our freshly butchered lamb arrives un-spoiled on our dinner plates is really suitable, or rather practical, in a suburban residential environment. Would you agree Natalie?"

Score: ME 1, Media Rep 0

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