Thursday, April 20, 2006

iAd – 10,000 ads in your pocket

Introducing iAd – the world’s first ad production system in your pocket.

iAd represents the future of advertising, does away with advertising agencies, and returns total control to you – the businessman.

iAd is easy to use. Simply upload your logo, select your corporate colours, typeface and preferred template, then let iAd do the rest!

Features include:

- three pre-set logo sizes (large, visual assault, fucking massive)
- Random headline generation (key-word database functionality)
- Fill-in-the-company-name body copy templates (sign-up for iAds and receive regular industry jargon database updates)
- Stock shot selector

For the low low price of $299.95 you will never have to pay exorbitant Agency fees again. Empower your business with iAd today!

“iAd is so easy to use. Now my secretary creates our ads!”
Chip Stone – Managing Director, ACME insurance

“I love the ‘fucking massive’ logo option! Now our ads have real cut-through!”
Dick Rambone – Marketing Director, Truck World

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