Thursday, April 13, 2006

Public holidays to celebrate the death of a fictional character.

I love it. Public holidays for Friday and Monday – the biggest scam those crazy religion-fiends have pulled off yet.

What I don’t love is coming to work today knowing the following will happen, and since arriving, has…

- Client #1 shits it, realising only now that two business days are now missing, and that item they were going to brief us on tomorrow, and require turn-around on Monday, now has to be done today. 11:00am is the first we hear of it.

- Client #2 realises printer is also missing two days, so finished art must be completed on eight different jobs immediately and despatched.

- Client #1, from shitting it, provides extremely poor brief which then leads to a re-brief and new artwork.

- Client simply cannot understand that given their poor organization skills we are unable to deliver on all requests…

“What do you mean, can’t you just call in some freelancers?”

“Well, yes, we have, but seems dumb fucks like you at every company around town have been doing this to all the other agencies and now there’s a shortage of decent freelancers around. Cunt”.

And, the final one I’m expecting in a few hours time…

“Would you guys mind working for a few hours over the long weekend?”

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