Monday, March 27, 2006

Selling your soul

f.i.n.e’s comment on my previous post stated AS people have sold their soul - and suggested creatives haven't. This got me thinking, seems a fair enough comment, but is it?

Here’s an analogy. A team of people manufacture cocaine and provide the product to bagmen who then supply it to the local primary school kids. The kids love it, and then like the little fiends they are go and ask the suppliers for more. The bagmen go back to the manufacturers and start the whole process over again.

Neither the manufacturer or the supplier could in anyway suggest that either were less ethical or moral in their actions than the other.

To suggest that creatives haven’t sold out it is, well, frankly bullshit. Creatives are commercial artists, compromising their talent for commercial gain. They manufacture a product, hand it to the bagmen, who then flog-it to the client. Who’s sold out more? Well, that’s not really the question – as with our friends above, I don’t believe either could argue with any degree of certainty that one camp has sold out more than the other. The question is then, who can admit they’ve sold out? I for one don’t give a fuck and am fairly comfortable admitting it - I just make sure I sell out with integrity.

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