Thursday, March 23, 2006

Dumb fucks or not, they still deserve a little sympathy

We should all feel a little sympathy for the poor guys and gals that work client-side. Afterall, working life must be absolutely fucked – and it’s easy to see when you do a simple comparison with our working circumstances.

1. They work in cubicle farms
We work (mostly) in lavish, designer offices.

2. They have a water bubbler
We have all manner of juices and soft drinks to consume at our pleasure

3. They have after work drinks once in a blue moon
We have during and after work drinks daily, free, and not cheap shit.

4. They work on the same project, every fucking day
We work on a dynamic range of jobs, each day

5. They hear the constant buzz of ringing phones, inane natter and gossip
We hear music and laughter

6. Their colleagues are usually dull, boring and of average (or below) intelligence.
Our colleagues are usually charismatic, interesting and of above average intelligence.

7. They get paid
We get overpaid

8. Secretly, they would love to have our job.
We wouldn’t fucking touch theirs

Numerous more comparisons could be made, but I think the above serves to show we should feel at least a little bit of sympathy for those poor fuckers – even if they did bring that shit on themselves.

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