Tuesday, April 17, 2007

We told you so

We told you we need to shoot the images

You said 'no, I want to look at stock options.'

We told you we'll only search right's managed shots

You said 'no, I don't want to blow my budget.'

We told you there's a chance competitors could use the same shot

You said, 'that's highly unlikely.'

We told you this 34pp A4 services brochure is a significant investment, and you must protect that

You said 'just get on with it.'



2 months later the project is complete, printed and in-market and then I receieve a copy of a competitor's brochure. Well, whatdyaknow, both companies hero the same image. Seems the two market leaders were educated at the same 'dumb-fuck's school for cheap-skates'.

So, on behalf of my competitor agency who no doubt suffered through a similiar process...WE FUCKING TOLD YOU SO.

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