Saturday, April 07, 2007

myspace is for cunts

But not the topic of this post.

Since (my last post) drinking my through Eastern Europe, the UK, the UAE and more recently South East Asia, I've been "getting ads out" and toiling over the golden question - 'When's the right time to get out?' To be honest, I thought I'd return from holiday late last year and quit. But I didn't. Why? Well, that's a long story and has more to do with the she-monkey taking an overseas post for a year, and me needing to earn enough money back home to maintain the lifestyle to which I am accustomed. 'Down-shifting' wasn't to be a timely financial-option.

And now? Well, now I've resigned myself to at least another 2 or 3 years of prostituting my soul in return for copious amounts of money - and back to blogging about it I guess.

So, to catch you up, in the last six months at my agency...

8 people have been made redundant

10 people have resigned (read: been poached)

Management has replaced these 18 people with 10 (who I presume are super-human)

1 major account has been lost (nothing to do with the redundancies or resignations)

'Writer' (from and I discovered each others identity. What's more, that we've been
working on the same account for the same agency over a period of about 12 months. A small world indeed.

We have a new MD

I have a new group head

We have lost 2 pitches.

We are on the short-list of 1 more.

I've called several people 'cunt'

Several people have called me 'cunt'

The Advertising Standards board deemed one of our ads 'inappropriate for children' and thus it's been ruled that we can no longer run it. It wasn't a cheap ad either.

Oh, and I made the firm decision that myspace is most certainly for cunts.

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