Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sad fucks

I’ve always subscribed to the theory that says if you’re continuously coming into work early and staying back late then there’s only two possible reasons why:

1. You are shit at your job, or
2. Your Agency is taking the piss out of you

Lately I’ve realised that there is in fact a third reason:

3. You are a sad fuck

You know the type. The guy in creative who ‘lives for advertising’. The power-bitch suit with no friends outside her ‘industry network’. The new kid freshly spewed from the university system who shamelessly seeks a mentor. The wanker art director that tells anyone who’ll listen that ‘I work in advertising’.

There’s only one person who’s more pathetic and he/she is generally the ‘old hand’ in the agency who pines for 'the old days of advertising'…the sad fuck who’s shit as his job and let’s the agency take the piss out of him.

Get a life, losers.

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