Friday, December 02, 2005

Mistaken Identity

Day 4 (yesterday) and it’s the sister Agency’s Christmas party. During the day, a couple of people at my Agency were discussing a colleague; let’s call him Ben, who works across both Agencies. I had both yet to meet Ben, and learn that several people within that Agency share his name.

At the party (and after several cocktails) I was introduced to Ben.

ME (pleasant): Nice to meet you finally Ben, so, you head up the Digital division don’t you?

BEN (laughing, and dismissive): Ha ha, yeah, I don’t know anything about fucking websites.

ME (thinking he is who I think, and playing along): So what do you do then Ben?

BEN (still laughing, and being cheeky): I launched this Agency in the Australasian market!

ME (not going to be taken for a ride): Bullshit!

The conversation then was quickly changed by a colleague. Turns out Ben did indeed launch the Agency. To call it a faux pas would be an understatement…

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