Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Online Player

Many Agencies claim an ‘integrated’ service offer. Call it ‘through-the-line’, ‘360 degree’ or another equally ephemeral phrase. For the non-marketing industry types, this simply means the Agency claims competence across a range of communication, branding and marketing disciplines. While most Agencies regularly preach that their clients should not try to be everything, to everyone – it would seem the reverse for our own businesses, and a great irony. You’d be quite right to brandish any one of these agencies as ‘a jack of all trades, and master of none’.

The Agency I work for is one such example. While we do indeed show expertise across a couple of industry sectors and communication mediums, it’s fair to say our online offering isn’t the strongest. Our expertise in the field was kindly pointed out to us recently by an Online Agency. They were trawling the web and checking out their competition when they stumbled across our holding page (our site is being redeveloped). They clicked on our contact link and sent us an email pointing out that our flash animated Agency name is spelt incorrectly. Nice, and what’s better, it’s been like that for about six months. So, not only is our holding page a poor advertisement for our online capabilities, it now extends to our Quality Assaurance.

Full credit however to the cheeky Online Agency BDM who then offered to pop over and provide us with a proposal to redevelop our site!

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